01/27/2009 § Leave a comment

It is not my intention to review movies on this blog. At all. However, I did just see Coraline and if it is worth anything to anybody I have opinions about it.

Firstly, I like Neil Gaiman. I think he’s an interesting writer and individual. Good Omens comes to mind. I suppose I am glad he exists. Or whatever.

Unfortunately most of this post is going to be complaints about the film. I’ll save the positives for the end and then probably recommend to anyone, if they have an interest, to go see this.

That being said. I don’t think the voice talent was very good. It was a  constant flip between over acting and sounding too self-conscious. Sorry Teri Hatcher and Dakota Fanning….whatever.

Also, the 3D never really works for me. Do I think it’s cool? Of course I do. It is cool. But it is decidedly not cool to get a headache the second I put on the glasses, which is what always happens. My brain is constantly looking for something to focus on but since it is all just trickery on the part of technology there is really nothing to focus on.

The story is okay I guess, but it just seems like a hodgepodge of fantasy ideas taken from random sources. These things often make for good visuals but they are often used to distract from the lack of story. Is it a simple story? Then just let it be simple. It does not need a bunch of crap to dress it up. It’s like putting a blazer on a bull. The bull is interesting enough. Don’t put a blazer on it.

Also, I don’t like when there is weird sexualization in movies that are supposed to be for kids. I guess it is the humor to placate the adult audience that is bringing their, but it detracts from the story. Make a character busty, fine; but don’t make the character wearing just pasties. Maybe it’s just me.

All that being said, it is worth seeing if you can handle the disorienting 3D. The opening titles are actually pretty amazing. And the whole button-eye-thing is one of the few ideas I really liked in the movie. Bravo. Henry Selick’s animation was great, as usual; except for the whole, big head/skinny body thing. That is getting pretty old.

So, whatever. Glad I saw it. Probably never watch it again.


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