The Order of Odd-Fish

02/25/2009 § 2 Comments

I had a whole post written up about The Order of Odd-Fish but then I realized something.

This book isn’t forgotten or old. It came out very recently. And just because it sort of falls in line with what I’m trying to write about on this blog, doesn’t mean it actually fits with the theme.

So I deleted my post…

But since I liked it and the writer James Kennedy is from Chicago¬† I decided I’d at least mention it.

The book is not without it’s flaws but it is a fine read and unique in lots of ways that are not simply odd but also surprising and fresh. Things aren’t just weird for weird’s sake. They all fit together in the weird salad that Kennedy has tossed together, or spun…however you prefer salads made.

So, if you are into things like kids saving the world, flying ostriches, giant fish, pranksters, and Akira style endings, go read it.

§ 2 Responses to The Order of Odd-Fish

  • Nice Akira catch. I’d love to read the full post sometime. Since “Odd-Fish” has fallen stillborn from the press, it might fit your theme of “forgotten books” after all.

    I just finished reading through all your posts and this is a blog I’ll be coming back to. I see you’re a fellow Baron In The Trees fan. You also mentioned Calvino’s book of Italian folk tales, which I found in my aunt’s basement two years ago and strangely haven’t cracked yet. This should get me to do it.

  • Nick says:

    Thanks for coming by the old blog James. I congratulate you on the book and appreciate your comments. My 13 year old sister is soon to be a fan as well…just got her your book for her birthday. Don’t tell her though. It’s not for another week and a half.

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