Oxford Version of History

02/26/2009 § 1 Comment

So I’m studying a bit of history these days and I picked up The Oxford History of the American West. Honestly. I should have known better. It ended up being a giant book, which at first excited me because that means it’s packed full of useful information and I’m sure it still is but I dont’ know… I haven’t been able to get past page eleven.

Page eleven has a time-line of events from 28,000 B.C. all the way to 1821. And I realize that in the time-line scenario one can’t expound on the bullet summaries that must be given. However there must be proper ways to say things.

The fourth entry in this time line is for the year 1492. It reads:

“Christopher Columbus’s landfall in the Bahamas inaugurates centuries of cross-cultural exchange. ”

Cross-Cultural Exchange.

That is one way to put it I guess.


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