Far Corners of the Earth and 18 Blocks from Where I Live (also on the Earth).

03/10/2009 § Leave a comment

Ugh. Sorry with all this non-fairytale-related junk. After this I won’t post about anything different for a while. Promise.

So, Gemma and I are going to Buenos Aires soon. I’ve been dying to go to a different corner of the earth, as I don’t think the Northwest and Northeast count; since they are still the US, and as large as the US is, it is probably just one corner of earth. Are there four? How many corners altogether?

I haven’t ever come across any Argentinian folklore, so I’m excited to see if we come across any down there, or anything else along that vein in South America. Hopefully I’ll find some good editions of Borges and Cortázar. I’m looking forward to hanging out at Borges old haunts; coffee shops, bookstores, and the Biblioteca Nacional. If anyone of the handful of people who visit this blog have been to Argentina and have any recommendations about anything feel free to leave a comment. Mmm. Mate and matambre. Can’t wait.

Other items:

Publican. I bring up this restaurant because it’s not just a restaurant. It’s an epic assault on the senses. Pork Bellys, Pig Ears, Oysters, Belgian Beers… the list goes on and on.

Gemma took me to Publican for my birthday last week and it was, quite possibly, the best meal I’ve ever had. And I have been to several of the top restaurants here, so I don’t say that lightly. Thanks Gemma.


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