Orlando Furioso: Canto 2, 1-15

04/15/2009 § 1 Comment

So my brother doesn’t like my ongoing retelling of Orlando Furioso. He said, and I quote, “Not everyone likes the junk you like. It’d be like me starting a blog about P.G. Wodehouse. Who would read that?”

Well, in answer to your question, brother, a lot of people would read that. People love that dude. And why not? He’s funny.

But in an attempt to keep my brother reading, since he makes up about 1/30 of my reading group (and that’s being generous), I’m going to spice up the posts with images taken from childhood. And, if you are hovering around thirty like I am, you will appreciate it. *wink*


Rinaldo Fights Sacripante

Rinaldo Fights Sacripante

Canto 2

The beginning of Canto 2, like Canto 1, starts with the narrator discussing how cruel love is. ‘Tis true. But I never really enjoy these asides. We can tell how cruel love is because of the fountain that make Angelica hate Rinaldo and vice versa. And also how everyone is in love with Angelica and she could give a flip about any of the knights thus far.

A few stanzas worth of verbose poetry and we return to the action that finds Rinaldo serving Sacripante with insults. Sacripante responds by treating Rinaldo with insults of his own.

They decide to duel.

Remember, Sacripante is atop Baiardo, who happens to be Rinaldo’s horse. And though Sacripante has the advantage over Rinaldo (who is on foot), Baiardo does not allow Sacripante to tell him what to do. Baiardo does not want to hurt his master.

They fight on foot. Rinaldo, with his sword Fusberta, splits Sacripante’s sheild of bone. Angelica rides off, the color from her cheek now gone. She had no desire to be the prize of one she abhors! We follow her into the woods.

Wouldn’t you know it, in about twenty feet, she finds a kind old hermit who  desiring to help the maiden, sends a sprite (like Dobby from Harry Potter) to delay the fight and allow Angelica greater time to escape.

Helpful Hermit

Helpful Hermit

In this section:

Fusberta: Rinaldo’s sword.

Hermit: Mysterious. Helps Angelica.


§ One Response to Orlando Furioso: Canto 2, 1-15

  • Jer says:

    Nice job.

    “treating” in italics (+2)
    Zelda II images (+8 ea.)
    mentioning Dobby (-2)
    listening to my advice for once (+15)
    mentioning P.G. Wodehouse (+2009)

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