Orlando Furioso: Canto 2, 16-30

04/20/2009 § Leave a comment

Sprite fools Rinaldo and Sacripante

Sprite fools Rinaldo and Sacripante

In pops the sprite (a sprite!) telling tales out of school and Rinaldo and Sacripante eat the cafeteria food right up! The two knights believe the sprite without question, disengage from their battle and head to the land of Love; France.

Rinaldo hops on Baiardo, who gladly accepts his master on his back. The next few stanzas give us an explanation of Baiardo (Horse with man-brain) and why he has been acting so queerly. It turns out he was smarter than his master and had a better idea of where old girl Angelica was headed. He didn’t want Rinaldo to force him in a direction he knew was wrong. Crazy smart horse!

So it went, as we know, Angelica followed by Baiardo, followed by Rinaldo and the rest of the knights.

Unfortunately, the sprite who duped Rinaldo, also duped Baiardo. He has, after all, only man intelligence, and not superman intelligence. Rinaldo and Baiardo take off after Angelica. Rinaldo swears an oath that he will “have Orlando’s heart,” when next they meet. Remember, Orlando is his cousin! He wants to kill family! over a woman!

I guess it’s not a huge deal, after all.

So in Rinaldo’s quest for the Francebound Angelica he runs into Charlemagne’s forces. Blast! Rinaldo is ordered to England and though conflicted, his loyalties lie with his King. Then, when Rinaldo and Baiardo are crossing the English channel there is a mighty storm and the winds are fierce and the gale grows stronger and stronger!

The narrator abandons the thread of Rinaldo heading to Brittain to talk of Bradamante.


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