South America and Charles Brockden Brown

05/07/2009 § Leave a comment


Charles Brockden Brown.

I’m working non-stop until Gemma and I depart for Argentina. Therefore, those of you who are dying to know what happens next in the saga of Orlando and Angelica will have to wait until after we return on the 22nd.

We are also having a party tomorrow so posting on this blog won’t be happening.

I was planning on traveling south of the equator with Borges in my bag and maté dripping from my lips. I was looking forward to revisiting the crazy land of ideas that he created. However, I grew excited and read Ficciones recently and another short collection we have. So I don’t want to read them again and won’t be bringing Borges with on the plane. Visiting his old haunts and smoking at sidewalk cafes in San Telmo will have to suffice for me. This is probably for the best because I imagine every jerk on the plane will be reading him.

Instead of Borges I’ll be reading some Charles Brockden Brown on my trip. Specifically I’ll be reading Edgar Huntley; or Memoirs of a Sleep-Walker. Picked it up for a buck! He has nothing to do with South America but I figure I’ll go down there representing the USA full force. I’ll probably write it up when I return. I will also be making a separate link with photos and musings on our trip.

¡Hasta luego boludos!


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