Return from South of the Equator

05/28/2009 § 1 Comment

Gemma and I have safely returned from the autumnal lands of South America. I have been working nonstop since our return but will continue with the saga of Orlando and Angelica soon. I have much to say regarding our trip and intend to write a fairly long entry with some photos; hopefully starting today.

We had a wonderful time visiting with our friends Peter, Poala, Arturo, and the millions of other folks who are down there. I learned a lot, drank a fair amount, and even picked up a few folktales I was unfamiliar with.

To tide you over here is a photo of a not-so-old folktale that is being produced for the stage in Buenos Aires. Alas, Gemma and I did not have time to see it; one of our many regrets. Too little time.


El Joven Frankenstein


§ One Response to Return from South of the Equator

  • Jer says:

    Glad you’re back in the superior (look it up) America. Although if I was there, I probably would have shouted “These colors don’t run!” while pointing to my tat of the USA.

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