Norse Mythology….lol

04/24/2009 § 1 Comment

“The yeasty venom in them thickened and congealed like slag, and the rivers turned into ice.”

So I have about twelve or so nice editions of Fairy Tales and Folk Tales and I made a pact with myself to read one tale from one book every night/day and just work my way through them in that fashion. I made this pact on Monday or so. I think I’ve read four. One French. One Swedish. One American and one Norse.

I have broken my pact with myself. But that’s okay I guess because who cares really? I’m bad at pacts with myself. Like, “I’m going to write 2,000 words a week.” That’s a reasonable amount. Maybe even on the short side. Then I don’t even write 100. Then out of nowhere I write 5,000. I’m like that old inconsistent moon. But, like I said, who cares. It’s only my self development! >:o

But I guess as long as I keep plugging away in a reasonable fashion.

In any event. The Norse myth I read was titled The Creation. I was a little hesitant because a few months ago, when I got this edition, I read a story called Hyndla’s Poem to Gemma and it was an utter disaster. I couldn’t say any of the names right, and there was literally no story. This Hyndla was a giantess and she was always doing bogus stuff to other giants….or something. But then it ended with the words “Ottar will prosper.”

Yeah. On second thought I guess that’s pretty good, but not to read aloud.

So needless to say I was worried that the next tale I read would be equally disappointing. Boy was I wrong.

Like all creation stories it chronicles creation, but this story does so with quite a bit more style than most. People are begetting people and whatnot, but with panache. So it starts by listing a bunch of names and places I can’t even begin to pronounce. Then the ice and the molten earth quickens in drops and form a giant.

He was called Ymir.

Then he ends up being evil from the get-go. And the sweat coming from his left armpit oozes into a mess called man and a woman….I guess that’s similar to ribs. Same vicinity anyways. Then his leg ends up fathering a son by his other leg. Certainly a case of one hand (or leg) not knowing what the other one is doing.

That body is certainly a wonderland! Maybe Ymir is who the song is really about.

Then a cow is formed from some fluid. The cow is named Audumla. Ymir drinks from the four rivers that course from Audumla’s tears. Why she is crying we may never know. Cows certainly always look sad to me.

Then some folks start to hate the frost giants and kill them. All but two die and they embark in a boat made out of a tree and float down all the blood and gore to safety.

Odin shows up with a buddy and makes the world from Ymir’s body. Then there is some more chronicling of names and places. Very old testamenty or Lord Dunsany. It’s kind of like reading Lord Dunsany for that matter. Kind of boring but with what-the-F-word-bombs dropped every other page or so to keep you interested.

Here’s the best part though. My cat is named Hattie. Here she is.



Turns out that the sun, who is pulled by two horses, Arvark (so called because he rises so early, obviously) and Alsvid. They are following behind a wolf….named HATTIE! Hattie turns out to be chasing the moon. And they just go round and round. Round and round.

Round and round.


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